How to Create free backlinks yourself with this high pr backlinks list 2018

Get unlimited free backlinks to your blogs and websites

If there’s one thing I love; it’s to help you rank #1 Page of Google.

So am going to share with you these huge list of high PR backlinks to rank your website or blog.

Create free backlinks using high pr backlinks 2018 and rank your website on #1 of Google.

The best way to build backlinks to your site is to actually learn how to create free backlinks yourself and that is exactly what am going to show you right here in this video.

How to create free backlinks?

For this method we are going to use a list of high pr backlinks 2018 and I will show you exactly how to use these sites to get your backlinks and increase rankings.

High PR backlinks alone can kick your site to first page of Google for low competition keywords.

Go ahead and get some of them

You can use to rank low competition keywords. See how to find low competition keywords and rank them

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How to use these backlinks?

Just create a profile on each of these sites and in field for homepage, include your link there either to your article url or domain itself.

Below are list of sites…

    • Mootools. net
    • Amazon
    • Adobe
    • Java
    • Sony
    • Dell
    • TED
    • cat. com
    • armorgames. com
    • hpe. com
    • xerox. com
    • logmein. com
    • zotero. org
    • deviantart. com
    • fanfiction. net
    • intensedebate. com
    • codeplex. com
    • crystalspace3d. org
    • buzzsprout. com
    • foodspotting. com
    • linksys. com
    • thomsonreuters. com
    • lulu. com
    • crowdfunder. co. uk
    • authorstream. com
    • eubusiness. com
    • storify
    • kickstarter. com
    • sett. com

I forgot to mention that you need to index these backlinks so google can get to crawl them and pass link juice.

You can see how to do that in the video

Or here is how to do it easily;

Get your profile link url created earlier\

visit: https://google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url3 Submit the link.

How to confirm indexing of these backlinks

Just pop the url of the link into google.com

If it appears, then its indexed, if not then give it some time.

After a few days it refuses to index, you can then use pingbomb.com to ping the links and then submit to Google again.

This time it will index.

Like I said; you can see it in the video above too.

Share with friends.

if you need a video as to how it’s done, then ask in the comment box and i will give the link to the video or here is the link: https://youtu.be/17teIlHi2Wc3

So this is the great list of high pr backlinks for 2018 and how to create free backlinks with them easily and fast.

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