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Easiest Way To Start Writing Programs In Java

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Are you going to write the Java programs? 

Welcome in the world of 9 million Java developers club. You have taken an excellent decision.
 Java has turned out to be the mostly used programming language for software development.
 Millions of applications has been developed in Java and still Java is very simple and easy to learn language.
 It has become more popular than C language programming . Software developers got crashed over it , so it is became their favorite language.
Java has robbed 95% of the text enterprise applications. it was initially developed for interactive TV and set-top box. They were building a set-up box and round up with the new language in Java.
Java developers are highly paid over others in US. The medium salary for a Java developer is $83,975.

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To be a java programmer you need to code and exercise every day with full determination.
For this  you need JDK.

It stands for java improvement kit.

It’s far the maximum vital device for java programming and a platform that allows to collect and run our Programs.

It is  a group of many essential tools contained inside it.  like- jvm (java virtual system), javac (compiler), debugger and a whole lot of important tools to assist in our programming.

you can easily download it from  here . 

 The most important tool of Java programming is JDK.
 It is a platform that helps to compile and run our programs.
It’s a collection of many important tools contained inside it.  Like- JVM (Java Virtual Machine) , javac (compiler), debugger and a lot of important tools to help in our programming.
 The most important device of java programming is jdk.

  After successful set up of jdk;  there is an another important challenge to set the path of JDK .
It seems a little bit hard to every amateur java programmer , however it’s far very easy to do.

 Accordingly best you have to follow a few footsteps to set the course after then you’ll be capable of without difficulty run your packages.


 You have to select My Computer  or THIS PC  icon on your desktop and right click on it.
Screenshot%2B%252822%2529 - Easiest Way To Start Writing Programs In Java
STEP:- 2

you will get 8- 10 options here. you have to select PROPERTIES among all at the last..
Step2. - Easiest Way To Start Writing Programs In Java

 STEP:- 3
you will get a new window and on the left side you will get 3-4 options you have to select  advanced 
system settings.
afterproperties - Easiest Way To Start Writing Programs In Java
Another window will open and you will have to select environment variables in it.
Screenshot%2B%252823%2529 - Easiest Way To Start Writing Programs In Java

 In this window you will get  two parts. 1st- is user variable and 2nd is system variable.
Screenshot%2B%252824%2529 - Easiest Way To Start Writing Programs In Java

Step- 6
 You have to select NEW button in the user variable .
 you can see computer is asking for variable name and variable value  
Write path or, class path in variable name ,  and in variable value put the address of bin folder.
Screenshot%2B%252825%2529 - Easiest Way To Start Writing Programs In Java

To get the address of Bin folder-
 Open Local disc where you have installed your JDK select >program files >Java >JDK 1.8.0 144> Bin  
 And then copy the address and paste this address in the variable value and click OK.
 Now you have successfully set up your path of JDK.

write you first java program in notepad and Print Your Name. 
all the best !!

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