How I got 20+ Adsense approvals in 2019 (Adsense tricks 2019)

Good day friends, I promised to reveal the secret of how I got over 15 Adsense accounts with my free blog (www.trendyzin) and i am giving this out for free please no body should start selling it, knowledge is free so i decide to teach everyone for free
Here in this Ebook,  you will learn
1 how to get a free domain
2 how to get a free hosting
3 how to get robot traffic to your blog for fast approval
4 and I will provide my blog posts for you to get approved easily without posting there
5, how to submit your site to search engine
6, how to get UK and USA address for application


To start you have to get a free domain from freenom, to get this you’ll have to go to www.dot.tk and type,  in a domain name you like, you will register the domain the same way you register domain on paid domain registrar site, if you’re having any issues with with registering your domain  contact me or type this keyword into Google Search engine  (how to register a free domain from dot.tk) there are many tech sites that provides solution to that,  www.dot.tk provides many free domains e.g (.tk. .ml .ga .cf and .gq,) but the one we are going to use here is ( .ml ), when registering you will. Have to register  5 domains at the same time,  for example , when  you type “olaxali” into www.dot.tk search engine,  it will list out 5 domain  for you to choose for free, it will list our the following ” Olaxali.tk, Olaxali.cf, Olaxali.gq, Olaxali.ml) here you will need to select all and put everything  into your cart since all is free,   now to to https://my.freenom.com/clientarea.php to sign in to your freenom account, then click on my domains from the drop down menu, it will bring a list of your domains, stroll your domain with (.ml)  extension and click on manage domain, click on management tools ⇒ nameservers ⇒ use a custom nameservers ⇒ then fill the name server box with the below nameservers then click on change nameservers

now after buying your free domains, go to Infini to sign up for a free unlimited  hosting plan, after signing up, login to your c panel and stroll to domains ⇒ click on  add on domain, then enter the url you wll like to use  for your blog, (preferable .ml) enter the domain and click ad domain, after that your domain will be added to byet host, click on this link to get free tutorials on how to set up wordpress blog on byet host.
 to make it short if you have any issues about setting up you .ml blog contact me for help, and for the gurus and bosses you already know how to do all i wrote above, after installing wordpress on (youdomain.ml) go to apearance ==> themes ⇒  then add a new theme, use frontier as your theme because thats what i use on the blog

click this link to download frontier theme https://wordpress.org/themes/frontier/

here i will give you my blog posts i use on my blog www.naijagistreal.ml for free and below is the link on how to import the blog posts on your new blog without stress How To Import Posts & Pages From One WordPress Website To Another
here is the link to download my already made posts i promised https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9rPWic1p0yqT2ZBT19NYzhxT0k  ,

Important pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, terms of condition and disclaimer must be present on your website. Google considers them highly important.

Adsense don”t really care about much traffic and they don”t care about if it is organic or not, go to www.trafficbot.uk then sign up to get a with your email and URL and  get free 2,000 traffic to the blog, if you need more traffic to the blog from trafficbot, do a 301 redirection for your other free domain to the (.ml), e.g, redirecting the .tk, .gq, .cf and the ga  to the (ml) blog, you can use those URls to sign up on traffic bot to get up to 10k traffic to the blog,
Note, you must use new email for each registration, i never use my personal gmail for all these registration, so i will suggest you guys get a temporary disposable email from  https://temp-mail.org/ and always use a private browser when registering on trafficbot.uk
or download this software below software to get 6,000 daily traffic to the blog  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bxhcn6La3ysgQlNXLW5tdUVLMUU

if you have any issues getting this free traffic then go to hitleap.com to buy traffic or contact me for guidance,

How to Add your WordPress Site to Google Webmaster Tools

Go to Google Webmaster tools website using this link https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home?hl=en and sign in with a Google account. After signing in, add your website’s URL and hit the add new site button.
On the next screen, you will be asked to verify the ownership of the website you are adding. You can either upload an HTML file to your website’s root directory using FTP or click on Alternate method to obtain a meta tag which you can then add to your WordPress site.
To easily add the meta tag to your website you can install and activate our Insert Headers and Footers plugin. Copy the meta tag line provided by webmaster tools which will look something like this:
<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”VerificationKeyCode” />

Now go to Settings » Insert Headers and Footers and paste the meta tag line into the header field. Save your changes and go back to Google Webmaster tools website and click on Verify site button.,


apply for google adsense, but note your domain must be at least 1 month old before trying this trick, and make sure you send the robot traffic to the blog when applying for the adsense, keep sending bot traffic whenever you want to apply again,

P.S i  have used this trick to get over 20 adsense accounts mostly UK and USA and few naija adsense and i’m tired of applying sef,  while applying first apply for UK adsense, you will get approved in 24 hours if you follow the trick, once you get like 5 UK and 3 USA adsense you can now try naija adsense because it will takes you up to 10 days before getting naija adsense approval,#note the gmail you want to use to apply age must be 18+, you must create it with a white man name, e.g, john smith, micheal  hyatt, etc, upload a white man pic on the gmail account for google to know its not a robot account.
below is a link to generate USA and UK address for adsense application
you can use any Nigeria number that is not connected to any adsense account to a verify the adsense, that’s what i use and get approved,
keep visiting this site to keep updated about adsense news

Conclusion note
In life whatever you do put God first. Don’t see your hustle too small to put it in prayer.And lastly always thank him for the gift of life.Getting adsense approval is the main goal of every blogger because it gives each of us the chance to earn through our blog. Hopefully you have learnt How to Get Adsense Approval and by strictly following the steps above be well assured that in a week time adsense will be running on your website. In addition, when it comes to content and traffic you really have to be very smart enough about it . If you have got any questions or contributions then please feel free to comment or contact me. we hope this guides you on how to get adsense approval fast. our best faith of approval is with you.


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