How to Upload a Video to Youtube and Earn Money.

Do you wanna share Your Own Video On Youtube?? 

Then, don’t wait for tomorrow, because 

 ”The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.
No doubt , YouTube is the world’s biggest
 video -sharing internet site, right here every minute 60 hours of video is uploaded via users or YouTube partners like us.
It has become a full-time task of many humans today. Some people come to hawk their commercial enterprise right here, where some folks come to earn their very own credentials and money if you want to upload your video on YouTube then it is not very tough to do’.

Just a few cool steps you have to follow and without difficulties, you can add your video.
If your video is favored by peoples then you may effortlessly make huge money through setting aids on your videos.

Youtube’s incomes rely upon viewers’ locality.
 if your viewer is from the US, UK Or Canada Then 1000 viewers also can earn up to 4- 5 $, but within the other countries, you may be able to get 1-2$ on each 1000 viewers.

 Earlier than importing your videos, you need to make a YouTube channel.

Let’s Get Started:- 

#1 – Go to YouTube.com and sign in using Your Gmail Account.

 For signing into youtube ,you need a gmail account.


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 #2 – Select ”Setting” and at the bottom  you will get an options like  ”see your channels or create a new channel”

#3 – Click on ” CREATE A NEW CHANNEL”


  #4 –  WRite an Awesome name FOr your blog in ”BRAND ACCOUNT NAME”



#5 – Edit your Channel ,upload videos and edit layout…

finally, you have your own YouTube Channel. 

keep posting….


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