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Innovative technology Ideas 💡 2017

download 1 1 - Innovative technology  Ideas 💡 2017The world is, tragically, a very hazardous place. Be it the current fear based oppressor assaults, home break-ins, or digital assaults, there are consistent indications of the quantity of dangers that we confront each day.

Innovation has, in some ways, made ourselves and our organizations more defenseless, but on the other hand it's furnishing us with apparatuses to battle the dangers and perils that exist today. Here are six inventive advancements intended to make us and our organizations more secure regularly:

For Your Business


Unless you happen to work in security, you likely don't give much idea to the mind boggling security frameworks that are in schools, shopping centers, processing plants and organizations. These offices — kept an eye on by security protects and outfitted with screens to various surveillance cameras — are concealed far from plain view.

Octopus, an Israeli startup, gives reconnaissance work force greater adaptability while improving security. Joining a complete programming with a vigorous PDA application, Octopus is a Physical Security Data Administration framework (PSIM) empowering associations to viably deal with all their security, wellbeing and calculated needs from one place.

The upside of Octopus programming is that it would interface be able to with all security frameworks inside an association, including cautions, misrepresentation aversion, alarms of digital assaults, wellbeing, entrance observing and shut circuit cameras. Bringing together every one of these methods for assurance, saves organizations superfluous consumptions on costly adornment gear for the framework.

Ervins Strauhmanis; Flickr

"Current organizations are searching for security administration that guarantees most extreme ease of use, adaptability and dexterity," said Octopus Chief Tal Bar Or. "Distributed computing gives clients thorough security administration and practical mix of enhanced advancements as new gadgets show up available. As more cloud-based security administrations develop —, for example, cloud-facilitated video observation frameworks and IoT-based gadgets — we offer our clients simple reconciliation with other cloud-based administrations in a safe way."


Corporate reconnaissance is a major worry for a great deal of organizations. While you need to have the capacity to believe those in your office with touchy organization data, spills do happen.

Drainware gives a line of programming that cautions you to dangers to organization data, similar to delicate representative individual records, item plans and financial balance numbers. It enables you to track which office PCs contain essential archives so you'll see where and how data is being shared.

It additionally screens applications or gadgets that may prompt ruptures in data security and encourages you grow clear secrecy approaches for your organization.


Many organizations have just grasped "Mobilegeddon" by making their sites portable, as well as by consolidating applications into how they do everyday business. Be that as it may, acquiring more outside applications and enabling more gadgets to approach them makes new possibilities for security breaks.

Bluebox is a security programming that ensures both your purchaser and undertaking applications from penetration. This implies clients' data is sheltered when they get to your administrations by means of portable and delicate organization data is protected when utilized by your BYOD and remote representatives.

Rather than setting security confinements on which applications your representatives can utilize, Bluebox is centered around making each application self-ensuring. Applications that are utilized for business ensure organization information and dissect how the data is utilized and where it is sent to, without denying workers access to their own applications.

For Yourself


"I'll content you when I arrive," is a typical withdrawing remark to a companion when you need somebody to know about regardless of whether you arrived securely.

Partner, another application for anybody stressed over strolling home alone, advances the amigo framework by giving clients a chance to pick "colleagues" — individuals in their contacts who they can track their area as they travel home.

Friend goes about as a following application, enabling clients to outline beginning and consummation areas. Clients can include companions, family or even cops to be "sidekicks," and these mates take after the client on a guide until the point that they achieve their goal. Once the individual achieves home, their colleagues will be consequently informed, in any case if something happens they can send help your direction.

A fundamental favorable position for the two clients and colleagues is that the application tracks the area of the client on a guide, so partners aren't required to have the application, sparing the two gatherings time and pointless bother.


On the off chance that you are now strolling home alone around evening time, wouldn't you want to take the best lit course? Luckily, there's Rudder.

Rudder is a mapping application with an accentuation on strolling bearings. The calculation behind it doesn't just ascertain the most limited way between two focuses, it makes sense of the briefest and best-lit way between the focuses.

Rudder does this by contrasting courses with a database containing data about a given city's open light information. The application will never take you more than a couple of minutes out of your way, and it even takes advantage of your cell phone's camera to give you an inherent light meter, telling you how sufficiently bright your course truly is.

Driver's Little Aide

Talking about returning home securely, in the event that you have an "infant on board," or any youngster besides, wellbeing is your main concern while transporting them. Kids frequently prevail with regards to escaping auto situates that aren't attached appropriately, and much more dreadful, numerous little youngsters are left in autos accidently every year.

Driver's Little Assistant is an electronic checking framework that works by means of an application for iPhone or Android. Utilizing remote Bluetooth innovation, the Driver's Little Assistant auto situate screen adjusts with your telephone to enable you to protect your most valuable payload. The auto situate screen cushion measures weight, temperature and development and will send you cautions through a free application on your telephone. The Driver's Little Assistant screen fits any auto situate and is affirmed for infants and offspring of any weight, so it's anything but difficult to drive with certainty knowing your youngster is secured.

Innovation will be unable to illuminate the majority of our wellbeing concerns, yet it absolutely has any kind of effect. The minimum we can do is give that innovation a possibility while as yet heading the sound exhortation, "Be cautious out there."

Shouldn't something be said about you? Do you know any advances that are expanding our security? Tell me in the remarks.


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