How to secure Gmail AccountIs your gmail hacked?

Is Your Gmail Account Secured From Hackers???

gmail - Is Your Gmail Account Secured From Hackers???
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Today I will tell you, the Technique to secure your Gmail account then after no person might be able to hack your identity and access other accounts associated with it. 
Our Gmail account is attached to several other accounts like- FB, twitter, google drive and plenty of other vital things.
Having a Gmail account is common these days because google provides very Strong security and user-friendly interface.
 Like you, 425 millions of Peoples are internationally using Gmail actively. Google is very committed to the consumer’s account protection, they offer many robust security capabilities.
 However, despite all, you ought to also be acutely aware of your Gmail identity due to the fact it’s far attached to many of your critical IDs. If your Gmail account is secure, it is almost impossible to hack other attached matters and no person is probably capable of thieving your snap shots and files.
 For safety, it could be a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers, unique symbols and maximum crucial SPACE amongst letters.

But after doing all these items, your account may still be compromised, so you have to Enable 2-step verification in your account.

It’s an awesome feature by GMAIL. if someone hacked your account then don’t worry while they’ll try to log in ,  an OTP will be sent to your mobile by google and without that OTP when you can’t get entry to your email they how can they?

(STEP-1 :)  Search ” 2-step Verification Google” 
                 or, Click HERE
STEP01 - Is Your Gmail Account Secured From Hackers???

(STEP-2 ):- 2-step Verification Window will Open now. 

STEP02 - Is Your Gmail Account Secured From Hackers???

( STEP- 3) :- Each time you’ll log in , you’ll get an OTP what you have to enter correctly to logged into your account.

STEP03 - Is Your Gmail Account Secured From Hackers???

( STEP-4) :- Sign In into your Google Account.

STEP04 - Is Your Gmail Account Secured From Hackers???

( STEP:-5 ) :-Enter your MObile No. and Enable 2-Step Verification..
 Now , Its Almost Impossible to Hack Your Gmail And Its Attached  accounts.
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  1. Wow.. The steps are crystal clear.. This tutorial was helpful. Almost everyone have a gmail account and it's wise to make sure it's really secured. Nice blog Sir. I love it.

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